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We are committed to making and serving fresh homemade foods. We strive to use the freshest most local ingredients we can find. When possible we will grow our own. We maintain a small herb garden that we can use in our recipes 

We do not buy breads* for any of our dishes all breads are made from scratch. 

*Gluten free  bread excepted

The Eat Well


My path to The Eat Well has been a unique journey. After I finished high school, I lived in New Orleans and worked in French restaurants at the front of the house. With most of my friends being chefs, they taught me some of their techniques.


I then left the business to open up a massage center in New York for close to 10 years before my wife Martha and I decided to move to Cumberland County and open a massage center in West Cape May. My wife Martha now operates The Well Cape May

I couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted to be in the restaurant business. I began searching for places to open a sandwich shop and eventually found a spot at the Akroteria in Cape May.

I got inspired by the movie 'Chef' with Jon Favreau where he had a little food truck and was doing Cuban sandwiches. That's what I wanted to do at the Akroteria. I don't want 300 things on my menu. I just want to have a nice simple menu that I can make every day and do well.

I then went on to purchase the property on Townbank Road and created The Eat Well.

I believes that food should be as fresh as possible. We make the artisan bread ourselves on the premises and uses it for the grilled cheese sandwiches.


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